• Penny Longboard Royal Blue – 36″
  • Penny Longboard Royal Blue

Penny Longboard Royal Blue – 36″

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Penny Longboard Royal Blue Specs

Deck | 36″ long x 9.5″ wide in pintail style with non-slip top.
Trucks | Reverse Kingpin 7″ (180mm) trucks in strong aluminium with powder-coated finish provides greater stability and enhanced response.
Wheels | 69mm, 83A wheels for a fast and smooth ride.
Bearings | Premium Abec 9 v-channel stainless steel bearings.
Camber | Half inch camber through length of deck combines with the board’s natural flex. The camber works with the inbuilt riser pads and side-to-side concave to enhance rider-ability.

The Penny Longboard Royal Blue is a dark and moody brute of a penny. This penny longboard is a great downhill board designed with the same high tech injected plastic mould as the Nickel. Pick up a penny longboard today and hit the streets. Penny Forever!